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Are you drawn to Learning Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression?


This is your chance to work along side Australia's premier trainers in Past Life Regression.

There is a huge shift towards energy work and spiritually based therapy and many people are ready to release karmic patterns and complexes, and main stream therapies are proving less than effective with this..

The Earth is changing its vibration and frequency, we are preparing to move into a new vibratory consciousness, a New Era. Because of this shift many people are waking up to the realisation there is more to who they are, that life is not what they thought. This is leading them to seek help to discover who they really are and their soul purpose.

Help to Awaken Consciousness and Facilitate the Healing of Souls Globally

Through Building a Network of Enlightened Healers.

Most problems are based in a past-life cause, even when they appear to be resulting from current-life issues, such as trauma, fears, habits or conflicts. Soul Regression Therapy™ helps find the cause. Only when you know what really set the situation into motion can you generate a full release.  

A SRT session helps those who seek this powerful therapy to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

If you have been drawn to this course, it’s probably because this is right for you to do now. You may not even know why!  

What you will learn

* History of regression therapy

* How to conduct a client interview

* This course is taught to the highest standards of Hypnosis and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

* REAL hypnosis and powerful hypnotic inductions that will put most people into hypnosis, the most difficult subjects can achieve deep somnambulistic levels

* How to use “theta-wave” technology to ease your clients into hypnosis

* Womb regression

* Understand different methods of regression

* How to handle spontaneous catharsis

* Practice safe and successful past life regression therapy

* How to access multiple past lives in one session

* How to release karmic complexes from the current life and past lives

* Soul-Mate/friend connections

* Using Past Life Regression to release and heal subconscious blocks, negative habits, phobias, recurring cycles, fears and pain

* How to find the source of present day problems from past lives

* Knowledge of basic psychopathology and contra-indicators for regression therapy

* How to bring forward creative abilities from past lives to enrich the present life

* Discovering soul agreements

* How to deal with important metaphysical situations that can arise which could include how to talk to negative entity attachments and release them safely

* How to Connect the client to their "Higher Self or Over Soul"

* Spirit counseling and communication that includes contact with souls from past lives, spirit guides, deceased loved ones

* Discover your clients Immortal Souls Purpose and how it affects life choices

* How to connect with Master Spirit Guides

* How to remove blocks from the energy field

* Future Progressions: You can progress forward in time as easily as you can regress back into the past to explore the cause of issues, fears, physical problems or insecurity. By exploring the future in hypnosis, people are often able to release fears by perceiving what is to come.

*Experience demonstrations, you will give and receive two supervised regressions in a clinical environment. These sessions are powerful, healing and potentially life changing.


Once this course is completed all graduates are a certificate of completion at the end of the 6 day course and then invited to join the International Institute of Complimentary Therapist who offer Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to all Soul Regression Therapy practitioners.

Note: To be eligible for certification as a Soul Regression Therapist you will be required to submit three written case studies, and two case recording within 9 months of completion of this course

Registration IS NOT available to those intending to train regression therapy or to any trainers or representatives from any other past life regression, hypnosis/hypnotherapy or NLP training schools or institutions.