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Student Testimonials

These are just a few of the wonderful testimonials recieved  from students over the years. These testimonials can all be verified and we share them with you because our goal is that they may help to inspire and motivate you in taking the first step towards making positive change in your life.

Disclaimer: Actual course experience may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as our students who voluntarily provided Testimonials.


 If you are thinking about doing the course-Just Do It! So much knowledge is imparted, it is the best course on Past Life & Soul Regression out there. You wont regret it. Helen,Perth.

The small groups that Lorna and John offer is invaluable, along with the hands on experience and in-depth manuals and scripts. This has been a fantastic experience that has been easy to take in and absorb. Programs are well planned and carefully thought out. I have no hesitation in recommending this course. further more I am extremely grateful for Lorna and John. For their time and effort and love. Thank you, Kardina, Melbourne.

I am so glad I trusted my instincts and trained with you both. The SRT course exceeded my expectations! You both have such a wonderful knowledge and experience and deliver the course in an easy relaxed atmosphere. I love the honesty and generosity of sharing what you know. We received the best of what John and Lorna have learned in their 10 years of experience. Also such amazing and simple, yet powerful scripts, which are invaluable! The personal sessions I have had, have been phenomenal and has changed my life already. I highly recommend this course - its the best you will find...Kylie, Perth.

I have just completed the training for SRT and I feel the course has given me everything I need to start practicing this therapy with others. I feel very excited and confident and wish to thank Lorna and John for a great course that was clear and focused full of great information with a balance between theory and practical. I would recommend this course to anyone whether you are a person working in the healing therapy field or just entering this field as you will come away with the confidence you need.Shachi. Byron Bay,

I came to the training feeling nervous and excited. I want sure how I would go facilitating a session, but Lorna ans John soon had me feeling at ease. The information presented fell into place as soon as we did the hands on sessions. I can feel myself growing daily and would recommend this to anyone, both who want to start practicing and also for their own personal growth. Carol, North Brisbane, March

I should like to thank Lorna and John for a most professionally prepared training. They shared their experience which is vast and this was hugely beneficial. Not just with the experientials and demonstrations but also with regard to the preparation of relevant forms, emails, and CD's..Well done! Bob , Kyogle

 The SRT course was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Lorna and John are both VERY approachable, most gracious with sharing all their valuable experience and have a wonderful teaching manner, imparting an amazing amount of knowledge, equipping us well for our future work. The individual attention from being in a small group was invaluable.Thank you Lorna and John! Diana – Brisbane, Northside.

Hi Lorna & John! I hope you are both well and happy. I'm sure you are very busy with the Jackson Institute. It's great to receive your newsletters. I thought I'd give you an update on my activities. I'm absolutely LOVING hypnotherapy, in particular SRT & Inter Life sessions. I am so grateful I studied with both of you. I have had such positive experiences and great feedback from my clients. I have worked with people who have never been hypnotised and others who have had previous hypnosis experience. Without exception, they have all commented on how much they got from the sessions.
Those who have had previous experience felt they received much more from the sessions they did with me compared to those with previous therapists. I put that down to the wonderful, comprehensive training I received from you both. The comment I receive most often is that the previous sessions by other practictioners did not include any therapy, did not address karmic issues and did not relate the past life to the current life in any way. They felt it was more just a look at who they were in a previous existence.
One intelligent young lady I worked with experienced terrible exam anxiety which resulted in her failing most school exams. We found this was linked to a difficult past life as a student monk. Through your method, I was able to assist her with this issue resulting in her remaining calm and composed throughout her HSC exams in October & November. She has since applied for and won a $40,000 scholarship to University. She's over the moon. Another woman had difficulty with hoarding food and eating way too fast. Again we found the answer in several past lives. After working through the process with her using your guidance, she is no longer hoarding food and is eating at a normal rate. She can't quite believe the change. Thank you again for you great instruction and for the detailed manuals. So far I've been able to work my way through any problems clients have presented. With the right approach, patience and determination I can assist anyone who is open to the process. I'm learning from every session I do. My best wishes and kindest regards to you both, Michele...

 I would recommend Lorna and Johns SRT course to anyone who sincerely wishes to make a real difference to facilitating significant change in client’s lives. It works sometimes with small but progressive changes and for others, quite profound changes in their energy, insights and increased ability to follow their true passions.
SRT also releases pain. I have experienced much less back pain for over 6 months since discovering the reason for it in the past life – after 20 years of chiropractor care, etc! That’s powerful healing. Lorna and John are very experienced guides and teachers, who have structured a well graded balance of theory and personal application in their learning program.
The course manuals and scripts were very well set out, giving a very usable script and prompts to facilitate our therapy with clients, plus aids when stuck, etc. We were not overloaded-yet there is so much wisdom contained in each section.
As a registered mental health nurse and CBT trained therapist, I would strongly recommend their course as a fully professional, competent and inspiring pathway to spiritual evolution and healing. Val Braendler, South Australia.

I want to thank Lorna & John Jackson for an amazing week while attending their Soul Regression Therapy Practitioner’s Training. Not only was this week profound on a personal level, but what I learned about helping others through this course was extremely valuable, and I know will be to my future clients as well. This week changed my life enormously and I couldn’t recommend Lorna  and John, especially if you want a life-changing experience, and/or the opportunity to help others achieve this as well. I have never felt more certain that I am finally on the right path in life. The relaxed calm and inner peace that I have felt since being part of the course will be a permanent part of my being now. I’d recommend a session with Lorna or John if you want to change your life and get some real perspective on current life issues, and I recommend their amazing course if you want to help change the lives of others. You will come out of either with unfathomable clarity. (PS I recently used the skills I learned from Lorna and John to regress a very sceptical, highly religious friend with a non-existent attention span. She was not an ideal candidate and I was nervous about even trying to hypnotise her, let alone facilitate her regression. However, using my new skills I was able to completely relax and successfully regress her, and she saw two past lives, both of which addressed issues in this life. She was absolutely stunned afterwards, having only participated as “a favour for a friend”. The awareness, relaxation and peace on her face since that session is exactly why I want to do this professionally. What better gift to give someone than that?) Christina, Gold Coast Qld.

The Soul Regression Therapy course for me was remarkable. The one on one insight’s and handbook material that both John & Lorna have given me, has enabled the confidence and self assurance to start facilitating past life regression immediately. After experiencing past life memories and spirit realms my perception on life has altered significantly in the most positive manner. I would advise anyone and everyone to explore this up and coming evolutionary work to experience it for them self. I personally feel that this course has been the best investment I have ever purchased and again I thank both Lorna & John immensely. Love & Light, Harley, Adelaide. 

Dear Lorna & John, Thank you so much for the training I received during the 6-day Soul Regression Therapy course.  It's one thing to know about hypnosis, past lives and the spirit world, which I have been fully aware of since the early 1970's. It's quite another to actually facilitate the process of bringing these all together by regressing someone into a past life. In fact, it was truly humbling the first time I facilitated the regression of the partner I had during the training, so that she was able receive past life memories. You have both done an admirable job of preparing and teaching us how to handle many situations that might otherwise have given us difficulty, plus giving us live demonstrations of SRT. Thus all of us students can now perform SRT for many other people with the confidence that we can help them to learn lessons from their past lives that can help them in their most important life: the one they are now living.  Again, thank you so much for this training and responding to our many questions so openly by imparting your wealth of knowledge on the subject. My warm regards,  Rev. Bill - Brisbane.

 The SRT course was fantastic, a well informed and presented format, with easy to follow manuals. I feel I could go and do a successful session with the public after a few practice sessions. I feel confident already to do this. I have never left a course feeling this confident and ready to start my new career. Thank you Lorna and John for your patience and though teaching. I understand the process involved really well. Sarah - Brisbane.

Thank you so much for an amazing 6 days in the Soul Regression Training.  I was extremely impressed with the material covered and the professionalism of not only the content but the delivery and setting for the course. I have completed previous hypnotherapy training including past life work and found that your training by far exceeded the information of that I had previously received. I found myself having a lot of “aha” moments when parts of information I had learnt previously had finally fallen into place, you certainly have achieved a high standard course that fills the gaps on many other trainings out there. I can now say I feel extremely confident in using regression techniques through Soul Regression Therapy and look forward to putting these new skills to use with my clients. Charmaine, Brisbane.

The SRT course was sheer joy to attend, unlike many previous workshops I have attended, 100's over my lifetime. Exquisitely structured 6-days, satisfying/nurturing on all levels, very informative, practical and useful information to utilize in clinical practice. The bonus was most participants experienced positive healing, perspective shifts in energy and helpful personal insights. Lorna and John are very generous and shared freely their vast experience, expertise, wisdom and personal research in this area. Beautiful presented informative and practical information. Personally very beneficial, healing and life changing.

Pam, Clinical Psychologist. Brisbane.

Practical, thorough and informative material presented by experienced hypnotherapists. Everything you need to know. Excellent work, Lorna and John, highly recommended. S. Brisbane

I found the Soul Regression Training to be fantastic and all inclusive. The vast experience that Lorna and John bring to their teaching ensures that the content is relevant, well researched and informative. I have no hesitation in recommendation of The Soul Regression training to anyone considering this type of modality. Thank you Lorna and John keep doing what your doing.

I have done many courses over the years, but this course and its holistic approach to the subject as well as the depth of information provided has been amazing! Both Lorna and John were very supportive and willing to share their many years of practical experience as hypnotherapists. You could really tell they came from a place of integrity and passion.The environment, was very conducive to learning. I found them to be very approachable and willing to always answer any questions on any subject…consequently I feel very prepared to go out and do this work, which  has not always been the case with other courses.  It has been a wonderful journey of learning and self-discovery,  thank you Lorna and John. Sheridan.

I recently attended both the Basic Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Practitioner Training Courses at the Spiritual Regression Centre in Brisbane. Lorna and John presented ideas and information in a very inspirational and professional manner. I particularly enjoyed the practice sessions and felt everything flowed in a very relaxed but informative way. The teaching style was interactive. I recommend these Courses facilitated by Lorna and John to anyone who has a calling for this wonderful line of work. M. Simon

Hi Lorna and John, I just want to thank you both again for providing such in depth training for the Basic Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression courses. I was very impressed with your teachings, your patience and your professionalism. I  look forward to following up with the add on courses next year! Can't wait to start my new business! Thank you once more, very happy. J Gorton. 

Thank you to both Lorna and John for sharing your knowledge and vast experience in the past life regression course. I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to pursue this type of training as the level of content was all inclusive and I found your generous sharing of your experience valuable. They say if you want to learn from someone, learn from people who know what they are talking about, and you certainly fulfill that criterea! Best of luck in your future endeavours, Catherine.

Soul Regression Therapy Course Overview

Are you drawn to Learning Past Life Regression and Between Life Regression?


This is your chance to work along side Australia's premier trainers in Past Life Regression.

There is a huge shift towards energy work and spiritually based therapy and many people are ready to release karmic patterns and complexes, and main stream therapies are proving less than effective with this..

The Earth is changing its vibration and frequency, we are preparing to move into a new vibratory consciousness, a New Era. Because of this shift many people are waking up to the realisation there is more to who they are, that life is not what they thought. This is leading them to seek help to discover who they really are and their soul purpose.

Help to Awaken Consciousness and Facilitate the Healing of Souls Globally

Through Building a Network of Enlightened Healers.

Most problems are based in a past-life cause, even when they appear to be resulting from current-life issues, such as trauma, fears, habits or conflicts. Soul Regression Therapy™ helps find the cause. Only when you know what really set the situation into motion can you generate a full release.  

A SRT session helps those who seek this powerful therapy to live a more fulfilling and balanced life.

If you have been drawn to this course, it’s probably because this is right for you to do now. You may not even know why!  

What you will learn

* History of regression therapy

* How to conduct a client interview

* This course is taught to the highest standards of Hypnosis and Spiritual Hypnotherapy

* REAL hypnosis and powerful hypnotic inductions that will put most people into hypnosis, the most difficult subjects can achieve deep somnambulistic levels

* How to use “theta-wave” technology to ease your clients into hypnosis

* Womb regression

* Understand different methods of regression

* How to handle spontaneous catharsis

* Practice safe and successful past life regression therapy

* How to access multiple past lives in one session

* How to release karmic complexes from the current life and past lives

* Soul-Mate/friend connections

* Using Past Life Regression to release and heal subconscious blocks, negative habits, phobias, recurring cycles, fears and pain

* How to find the source of present day problems from past lives

* Knowledge of basic psychopathology and contra-indicators for regression therapy

* How to bring forward creative abilities from past lives to enrich the present life

* Discovering soul agreements

* How to deal with important metaphysical situations that can arise which could include how to talk to negative entity attachments and release them safely

* How to Connect the client to their "Higher Self or Over Soul"

* Spirit counseling and communication that includes contact with souls from past lives, spirit guides, deceased loved ones

* Discover your clients Immortal Souls Purpose and how it affects life choices

* How to connect with Master Spirit Guides

* How to remove blocks from the energy field

* Future Progressions: You can progress forward in time as easily as you can regress back into the past to explore the cause of issues, fears, physical problems or insecurity. By exploring the future in hypnosis, people are often able to release fears by perceiving what is to come.

*Experience demonstrations, you will give and receive two supervised regressions in a clinical environment. These sessions are powerful, healing and potentially life changing.


Once this course is completed all graduates are a certificate of completion at the end of the 6 day course and then invited to join the International Institute of Complimentary Therapist who offer Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance to all Soul Regression Therapy practitioners.

Note: To be eligible for certification as a Soul Regression Therapist you will be required to submit three written case studies, and two case recording within 9 months of completion of this course

Registration IS NOT available to those intending to train regression therapy or to any trainers or representatives from any other past life regression, hypnosis/hypnotherapy or NLP training schools or institutions.

SRT Training Calendar & Fees

Training Calendar - Soul Regression Therapy 2017 - 2018

2019 Course Dates


2020 Dates

Gold Coast* 4 - 9 September (early bird ends 06/07/2020)

Melbourne*** 13 - 18 November (early bird ends 15/09/2020)


*All Gold Coast courses are held at The Australian Academy of Hypnosis training rooms located at Unit 10 - 4 Fremantle St, Burleigh, Gold Coast.

** Sydney courses are held in or near the suburb of Crows Nest.

***Melbourne course in Glen Iris.


Course Cost

Full Cost   $2,500.00 incl gst.

Early Bird Discount  $2,000.00 incl gst.

We thank The Australian Academy of Hypnosis for their generous subsidy towards student enrollment fees, enabling more students the opportunity to train in this exciting field of regression therapy.

Please Note 

A $500.00 Deposit is required to secure a place on these courses.

All Deposits, Full Cost and Early Bird fees are unconditionally NON REFUNDABLE, in the event of your cancellation, and they are unconditionally fully refundable in the event of the training being cancelled or postponed for unseen reasons but they are transferable to any future courses. A receipt, acceptance letter, and further information will be mailed to you upon the acceptance of your application.

The Early Bird discount applies only if the full balance of your course fees are paid by the cutoff date for the early bird discount prior to the commencement of the course.

We do not offer payment plans

Payment is via Direct Deposit or Credit Card, Visa or Master Card (For Credit Cards add additional 2% merchant fee).

Registration IS NOT available to those intending to train regression therapy or to any trainers or representatives from any other past life regression, hypnosis/hypnotherapy or NLP training schools or institutions.


Soul Regression Therapy®

 6-Day Practitioners Training 2016

Small Group of 8

To book your place on this course ph: 0411886796

Become a Soul Regression Therapist!

We will show you how to Change your Life and the Lives of others

If you require accommodation while you are attending any of our courses this web site has lots of listings that may be suitable for your requirements

Disclaimer: Actual course experience may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as our students who voluntarily provided Testimonials.


Soul Regression Therapy Certification

Soul Regression Therapy 6-Day Training


Hypnosis - Current life Regression - Past-life Regression - Between Life or Bardo Regression

Spirit Contact -Entity release - Shamanic Healing

Connecting to the Higher Self or Soul Mind


What is special about this course?

Students of this course will benefit from the combined experience of two professional and highly experienced Spiritual Regression Hypnotherapists, who have hundreds of hours of education and spiritual training behind them. They will personally mentor and train you in the SRT process.

John and Lorna both have a deep interest in reincarnation and the afterlife, they are also both experienced clinical hypnotherapists and work full time in their private clinic in Brisbane. Together they will personally show you how to use real hypnosis to regress friends, family or clients, make contact with Spirit, understand and remove entity attachments, connect to the “Higher Self or Over Soul" to facilitate healing, resolve problems and how to progress into the future.

They have developed and refined  the Soul Regression Therapy training course to pass the maximum amount of their knowledge on to their students. Perhaps you are at a cross road in your life and you want to establish a new career direction or you want to help people...or add hypnotic spiritual regression to your existing practice or take this course for personal spiritual development. Being part of this course can embrace deep personal transformation, which then assists SRT students to become practitioners and to help others. Graduates of this course are fully equipped and confident to establish themselves as Soul Regression Therapists and set up in practice if they chose to do so. You will have the potential to earn up to $100.00 to $150.00 per hour and there are a lot of people seeking this type of healing therapy.

This course includes lectures, demonstrations, supervised experientials. We provide you with all the support materials and personal on going mentoring after the course.

The theory component of the course is presented in a power point presentations, and private breakout rooms/areas are used for the one on one sessions which will be personally supervised only by Lorna and John.

This is an intense six days in which you will learn hypnotic methods, regression techniques and insiders’ information that could take you years to learn. Much of the content is not available in any other training.

*The qualifications for this course have been broadened to make this training available to not only practicing hypnotherapists and healers, but to responsible people who are drawn to spiritual work, healing or a desire to help people. 

Many people feel a need to take a further step in their souls evolvement an "inner prompting" or a "calling" to do this innovative, healing work. Those people are welcome even though they may not have a degree. The Intensive Training is an investment in healing lifetimes and will add to any previous education, skills, and life experiences that you already have.



Welcome to The Jackson Institute

The Jackson Institute is Australia's premier private training institute specialising in Past Life Regression Training, Between Lives Regression Training, Soul Regression Therapy training and Metaphysical Workshops around Australia and New Zealand.


Lorna and John are proud to announce their First book

"Soul Regression Therapy, Case histories of Past Life Regression & Between Life Regression, Healing Current Life Wounds and trauma" is available now on Kindle ebook (click here for more information)

The Jackson Institute

The Institute training directors John and Lorna Jackson are both highly experienced certified Clinical Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, holding diplomas in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and are experienced Certified Past Life, Between Lives, Spiritual Regression Therapists.

Our workshops and courses are designed for people at any stage of development and awareness. The primary object of the training courses and workshops offered by the institute is to enlighten people about their true spiritual and immortal soul nature through a transpersonal, metaphysical approach.

All teaching environments are comfortable and friendly places where people access metaphysical and spiritual education and development.

Courses offered by The Jackson Institute are comprehensive, using a combination of lectures, experientials and discussions.

Disclaimer: Actual course experience may vary from person to person and we do not make any guarantees that you will get the same results as our students who voluntarily provided Testimonials.